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African Surprise

I’m WAY surprised at the lack of success of the African teams in this World Cup. I thought they would be riding The Wave of African Love to some World Cup wins.

Pretoria Stadium looks perfect

Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria have struggled after taking early leads in their games. I thought Cameroon was very dangerous in attack against the Danes, but they just didn’t have their goal scoring boots on tonight. Sure they scored 1 goal, but they could have scored 5 or more.

Eto'o nets one of Cameroon's 20 chances

Ghana had a huge chance against 10-man Australia, but the Aussies actually finished the game stronger, almost winning at the end. And well, the silly foul by Nigeria caused them to be a man down and gift-wrap the game for Greece.

Check out this goal scoring form!

South Africa blew their lead against Mexico, and got blown away by Uruguay. They were terribly unlucky not to win the opening game against Mexico, and I had REALLY REALLY wanted South Africa to win that game for their fans.

The two remaining African teams, Ivory Coast and Algeria, have yet to score a goal.

So, they don’t have many results going their way so far, but I sure love to watch them play. They are fearless, they attack incessantly, and they make the games interesting and fun to watch.

Which African team are you enjoying most?

  1. stuartsmithmusic
    June 19, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    i think Africa don’t have the same “surprise” effect they have had in other world cups, with a lot of the team playing their football outside of Africa they adapt to that style of play, this has made them easy to figure out this time round.

    With the Cup being held in Africa i though that they might turn it up a notch but they haven’t, and i can only see Ghana going through bare a miracle in the australia/serbia game.

    nice blog man

    • June 20, 2010 at 4:17 pm

      Yeah, I was thinking that host countries get the “rub of the green” so to speak. France won when they hosted in ’98. Sweden made it to the finals in ’58. South Korea made it to the semi-finals in ’02 when they hosted. I just figured that some African nation was going to have that same kind of experience, or rise to the occasion for this World Cup.

  2. dfm
    June 22, 2010 at 9:45 am

    I have actually been surprised at the size and the speed of the Ivory Coast players. I had counted on South Africa to help some teams make an early exit — but not so. Maybe it’s the vuvuleza karma in reverse as so many are not happy about them — and yes they have been a part of African history — oh, since about 1990. Even I find them annoying as I watch on TV — and having been to world cup games in the past, I am sure I would find myself intolerable of them if I were in the stadium.

    • June 23, 2010 at 2:25 pm

      yeah, probably good you didn’t go this time then, eh? 🙂

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