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US Military at Dangerous Point in History

July 20, 2010 2 comments

Sometimes I like to read commentary by foreign press about American issues. We’re at a point where all media has an axe to grind, and it’s sometimes nice to get an outside view.

This is an interesting article by Britain’s Daily Telegraph which says that America’s armed forces are at a breaking point.

The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going on longer than anyone thought they would, and we are trying to do it with fewer numbers. Our armed forces for the Vietnam war was 3 times what our numbers are today even though our population has increased 60% since that war.

We witnessed second hand that the troop surge in Bush’s final months did wonders for the war in Iraq. For whatever reason, the US is now getting ready for an even greater reduction in Armed Forces than when Clinton was in office in the 1990’s.

Military personnel are being required to take multiple tours of duty.

Military divorces are way up, as are cases of mental illness and disorders for our soldiers.

Soldiers are opting out of renewing at astounding rates, making those that stay in — even the worst performing soldiers — able to be promoted to leadership positions.

Suicides involving military personnel are way up.

National Defense is a serious issue that needs to be part of the next election process. Take a minute to read this article about more poor decisions by the Obama White House on our national security. Why make this a partisan issue? Isn’t this the President that sold America on his ability and willingness to not play party politics? Why is Obama willing to risk our nation’s security over partisan politics?


My 2012 Presidential Campaign Speech

March 5, 2010 16 comments

Campaign Slogan: Restoring our Country’s Greatness

You know, there was a time, not very long ago, that “Made in America” meant something special.  You would see it on labels of clothing; on the handles of tools; and on spare parts and toys you purchased at many different types of stores. It made us feel proud: proud to be part of this great nation; proud of the work that went into building the greatest nation on earth; proud of our heritage; hopeful for the possibilities of our future. But you don’t see the “Made in America” slogan these days as much….

We’ve shipped many of our jobs beyond our borders. We are increasingly dependent on other nations for our food supply. We have become massively in debt as we have adopted policies that mirror the social democracies of Europe with their massive entitlement payouts. Those countries are nearly bankrupt – is it any wonder that we are too?

And there is a growing feeling of negative anticipation in our nation. I’ve heard people say they are ‘hunkering down’, and ‘waiting for the end to come’. People just seem to sense that we cannot continue in this manner. But when will it change?

The time is Now. It is time for Restoring our Country’s Greatness. America has never shrunk from a challenge, and we will not do so this time. My plan, as outlined in my 6-point Party Platform, will Restore our Country’s Greatness. The first plan of attack is to get our economy turned around, and the American people working again. We must make it easier for small businesses to prosper in America. We also have plans to bring corporate manufacturing jobs back to America, but that will take some time. I strongly believe that our small businesses will lead us out of this economic recession.

The American people are the most ingenious, inventive, and hardworking people on the planet. I believe that federal government bureaucracies have grown to unduly tax and interfere with our economic progress.

For example, in 2010 the Obama administration passed legislation aimed at protecting us from dangerous goods from China. This is a commendable idea. But in the legislation that passed, crippling bureaucratic hurdles have been placed in the way of American businesses. Now, small business that produce and ship goods around our country will need to spend thousands of dollars to get each of their products tested and “certified” to sell by yet another new governmental department. This will harm many small American companies, the Mom & Pop stores barely scraping by. It will cripple their bottom lines, and cause many more to shut their doors completely. And it continues to grow the size of our ever-increasing government, adding more expenditures that we cannot afford.

I will work to help small businesses, not hinder. We will simplify the tax code, and reduce bureaucracy and regulation for the small business owners of America. We will get the government out of their way, and allow them the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. We will encourage investment in new technologies, US factories, and minimize government hurdles and costs for businesses of all sizes. We will also do away with farm subsidies to get America’s farmers working their farms again, bringing food production home where it belongs. For large corporations, corporate tax breaks for companies that manufacture in the United States, keeping our economic advantages on our own soil.

…And we need to keep our soil safe. When our country is safe and well protected, the American citizens feel safe and happy about our security. Our military forces have struggles for years to provide an opportunity for Iraq and Afghanistan to make better governments for themselves. After so many years, it is time to allow them to stand on their own. We have shown them the way. At this time of great worldwide economic struggle, the US military personnel need to be home with their families. Our own borders need to be better protected. We will always protect the United States from attacks, both foreign and domestic, but we need to get out of the business of nation building and the idealism of creating our “brand” of government around the world.

As we focus internally, let’s take a look at our country’s education system. The education of our current and rising generations is the key to our future. Therefore, I propose to gradually wean the Federal Government from managing the education process in America. This will be a big change for us, but it is necessary. The American people should be in charge of their own education at the family, community, and State levels. By removing federal monies and requirements, we will clear the path for education to become competitive, and for states to regulate education within their own borders. We will work with party members at the state and local levels to weaken union strangleholds in the education arena that are destroying the education process for millions of young Americans, provide tax credits to leave failing schools, and offer merit pay and other performance-based incentives to ensure our teachers and students are the best they can be.

And let me make this pledge to you this evening: I will work to create real reform and change in America’s government. By spending more money than we have as a country, the current administration has created a debt burden for future generations that will take many years to overcome. This is not fair for our future generations, and it is common sense that it cannot go on forever. Spending more than you have doesn’t work in your homes, and it does not work for our country. We will work for a balanced budget, eliminate deficit spending, and introduce greater oversight and transparency on the workings of the Federal Reserve System and other banking institutions. Clear steps will be taken to “follow the money” and measures will be put in place to put an end to reckless financial practices, like credit default swaps, as well as create a payback schedule for all bailout monies received by our financial institutions. We cannot continue to “print money” at record levels, like our current administration, and not expect to reap the consequences of high inflation and a valueless dollar.

Too much money gets spent and too many laws are created outside of the legislative process. Our government cannot continue to allow the executive branch to wield the power of the Executive Order to create binding laws outside of our checks-and-balances system. If given the chance I promise I will correct these and other corrupt practices currently taking place in Washington. I promise to reduce our spending year upon year until we can see an end to the uncontrollable deficits.

Why are we in this prolonged recession after some of the best growth decades our nation has ever seen? Some of the biggest reasons are right here in Washington: It’s called Politics as Usual. Bloated government. Spend, spend, spend. Miles of bureaucracies thwarting American business. You were promised Hope & Change. But let me ask: Is this the Hope & Change you were looking for? I don’t think so.

THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA has the HIGHEST levels of RESERVE ENERGY RESOURCES of any country in the world.* Yet we struggle with rising energy costs and energy dependence on countries with unstable leadership and that often have anti-American positions. This situation can be rectified by developing environmentally safe methods to extract the natural resources within our own country. We will work to encourage and provide incentives for private companies to help the USA attain energy independence, through the extraction of existing American oil reserves, as well as developing new sources of clean, renewable energy. These resources alone “represent tens of trillions of dollars in wealth and millions of American jobs.”*

If given the chance, my fellow Americans, we can make this dream a reality. If given the chance, you and I together will Restore our Country’s Greatness.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

Eric Merten
President 2012

*Congressional Research Report 2009

I’m running for President of the United States of America

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

OK, play along with me here…

It is April of 2012.  The last four years have been difficult for our country.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have continued with no end in sight. Worse yet, the Obama administration has run huge budget deficits in the last three years that has increased the U.S. debt by almost 6 trillion dollars. In addition, the economy continues to stagnate, unemployment is still over 10% and many Americans have ceased looking for work.  Obama’s healthcare package was passed in a dramatically scaled back version in 2010.  And, while the Cap and Trade bill was stopped, many of its provisions have been instituted though executive mandates, and departmental directives.

On the other side of the aisle, Republicans have been on a course of self-destruction.  In 2008, Romney, Giuliani, and McCain each spent record amounts trying to win the Republican nomination. Again in 2011 increased spending has been accompanied by increasingly negative campaigns.  The battles of the different factions of the Republican Party have been so intense that many voters have become apathetic, if not down right hostile to politics in general.  Early polling data in 2012 shows than none of the Republican candidates would beat Obama in the general election. The Republican Party’s “big tent strategy” (seeking for moderate swing voters) appears to be a total failure.  NBC Nightly News may have summed it up best saying, “America has not seen such a lack of political leadership since the 1880s. The candidates are not only bankrupt financially, but are destitute when it comes to ideas.”

I am a delegate to the Republican Party National Convention in 2012.  Last night the president of the RNC delivered a stirring address to all presidential candidates as well as the delegates to the national convention via the Internet. He called for all candidates and delegates to put previous loyalties aside and search for a single candidate that will unify both the party and the nation.  In response, all three top runners (Romney, Giuliani, and Palin) have offered to withdraw their names as candidates if the RNC can find a better candidate in the next 2 weeks. Due to my leadership and support of the RNC President, he has said that if I can get create some of my own ground swell (grass-roots support), he will ensure that I will be part of the select group that gets to address the convention in the coming weeks.

So stay tuned. You just might be witnessing the discovery of the next JFK. Or better. I will be sharing my platform of ideas describing the necessary changes I believe we need in America on Friday, March 5th.

Will I win? Do I stand a chance? Check back and see as I post how the convention unfolds and the voting results over the coming days.

If you have any suggestions for what changes you would like to see, you’d better get them in. Just leave a comment…one of the RNC aides will get to it.

New Border Concerns with Mexico

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

A friend sent me this link today. It talks about how criminal organizations are helping terrorists reach their goals…for profit. This one talks about how one organized crime group named the “D Company” helped organize the terrorist slayings in Mumbai, India, in order to make some much needed cash. His point is that soon this same thing may be happening in the US as crime groups branch out the services they offer — for money, of course.

His International Criminal Organizations professor said that US Federal law enforcement officials are worried about these types of groups in Mexico helping Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorist groups plan and execute terrorist activities in the USA. The “simple fix”? Close the borders with Mexico.

I agree with the sentiment “close the borders with mexico”, but I admit to having mixed feelings about it. From a US perspective, I wholeheartedly agree that we need to protect that border now more than ever. We have laws, and they need to be enforced. I don’t know how “simple” it would be (as claimed), but it is a simple thing to say.

On the other hand, from a more compassionate point of view, or perhaps empathetic point of view, I can’t blame the guys for trying to get across the border to find a better way of life. Sure I wish they would do it legally, absolutely. And I am not against prosecuting repeat offenders or human traffickers. But I lived in Mexico for 2 years, and I met many people down there that can’t feed their families on mexican wages.  Often when they do have jobs they get treated like animals. One guy I met, named Juan, worked at a natural gas container facility 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. He got paid about the same in a month as I was making in a few days when I got home and started a part time job at a dental laboratory making dental devices. I wish I remember the exact wages he earned – but I can’t. Maybe I wanted to forget.

One of his compadres had two fingers cut off during the machining process one day. He wrapped the hand in a towel and kept on working. If he went and complained or spoke to the foreman, they would just kick him out and he’d lose his job…so he kept on plugging away. By the way Juan was a middle-aged man with a wife and three children, and he couldn’t read. He was forced to work at a young age in order to help support the family he grew up in. The Mexican government is raping the land of its natural resources and pocketing the profits, with the big telecom, gas, and other industries “nationalized” by the Gov’t. I have a friend, Carlos, that did an internship with Vicente Fox’s government in Mexico City a few years back. It’s such a pork party down there — just get in with the right guys and you are taken care of. But if you are not in…you’re out. I met people that have been paying taxes for YEARS and yet they have no running water, no sewage lines, no paved roads…and let’s not even talk about the rigged elections. Or the cops that get paid so little they take bribes in order to survive. I ask you: if you lived in a country like this, what would you do?

My point is this: Yes, I believe we need to fix the border problem. For sure. But if I were a Mexican citizen, trying to fight City Hall, and they kept laughing in my face, would I rebel? Start an insurrection? The government swiftly puts down even hints of talk of unrest with their active military, so you’d better be as well armed as the drug cartels if you are going to survive that. It’s not like the American Colonials that had their Mother Country thousands of miles away and the seeds of liberty were sown for decades before England noticed and permanent troops arrived. Mexico has M-16 toting soldiers all over its state capitals — at least four that I have been in — in the North. So what would I do? I would try to get across the border in order to support my family — no doubt about it. And, if I would do that in order to taste a little bit of freedom and justice, have a decent job where I could provide for my wife and children, I can’t really blame them for trying to do the same no matter what the cost…because I know I would do it too.

The solution is for Mexico’s government to change. They need to adopt and live more principles of freedom and liberty for their nation and people. Trust me, if the Mexicans that are pouring over our border knew that they could live and thrive in Mexico — even slightly better than current standards — they would choose to live in Mexico hands down. Since returning from Mexico I have made it a point of talking to Mexicans (and Central Americans from Nicaragua and El Salvador) as much as I can all over the western United States — California, Oregon, Washington, Utah — and they all have one story in common: They are just here to make some money and help provide for their families, and “one day” they are going to return to the “happy life” in Mexico. The “happy life” they are all hoping to return to is not the scenario I just painted of corrupt government, horrible jobs, and poor education. That is why they are here. The thing that they want to return for is the culture of community, of brotherhood that they don’t find here (obviously, as they are foreigners), but also one of non-Consumerism, slower paced, and sunny.

I wish there was something we could do in order to change their laws and government…cuz if you ever wanted to see a mass stampede heading South of the Border…that’s all it would take. Gee, I wonder if our CIA is busy tomorrow night…it’s not like they haven’t toppled regimes that are detrimental to the health of the US in the past…. Or, a simpler suggestion: Close the border. Let anyone into the USA that can pass an electronic thumbprint/electronic ID. If you have a felony or bad record, you don’t come in. If you don’t have a record, we get your thumbprint, issue an ID, and you can enter if legal.