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Hope and Change – What do YOU think?

It’s 2014! How about that “Hope And Change” from Obama and his wonderful team? How is the Affordable Care Act treating you?

Just how amazing is this new law? Forbes is saying that individual premium rates will increase by almost 100%

In Tennessee the rates appear to be going up even more than that.

In Alabama many residents are receiving notices that their insurance premiums will soon double.

Here’s a descriptive excerpt about how a single mother of 4 is being affected in the Alabama story:

Stay-at-home mother of four, Courtney Long, was shocked when she received a notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama stating that come January her family’s individual health insurance policy premium would increase from $352 per month to $796.

“It’s devastating. I started crying,” said Long. “I mean, we have worked so hard to get out of credit card debt, get ahead on the car loan, transfer our mortgage to a 15 from a 30 year mortgage… and for what?”

Long’s story is not unique. Many have received this same letter – alerting them their premiums were set to double (anywhere from $290/mo-$599/mo up to $603/mo-$1060/mo). That’s quite a jump! So, the “Affordable Care Act” is affordable for whom?

I am interested in hearing from people both for and against the Affordable Care Act.

Charles Krauthammer says that Obamacare is a massive transfer of wealth from the Young to the Old in our nation. Here’s why.

Let me know — how is the Affordable Care Act affecting you?

  1. January 2, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    It worked just fine for my wife and me. We are both in our mid-50’s, no health problems, we take no prescription drugs and have been buying our own individual policies for more than 20 years since both own our small businesses. Even though my state of Florida did not set up its own exchange, because we have a right-wing ideolog for a governor, the Federal exchange made it very easy to compare policies from the companies offering plans. We had 46 plans from which to choose. We went with a gold level PPO plan with an annual deductible lower than our current plans. We could have selected a much less expensive plan and cut our monthly premiums (we do not qualify for a subsidy), but for just slightly less than we were paying previously, we were able to get better coverage with no co-pay after deductible is met. What I have found is that most people who have complained about their rates being raised or policies being canceled have not done their homework. My insurance company jacked the rates up on my old policy and told me it would be unlikely that I could find a less expensive or better policy. They were wrong, and the sad part is that my new policy is with the same company. My wife changed carriers because her old Blue Cross policy was even more expensive and had less coverage. So the ACA has worked well for us.
    I guess Mr Krauthhammer would say the same about Social Security and Medicare. In fact every insurance program, run by the government or a private sector company, is a transfer of wealth from younger and healthier people to older and sicker people. Considering that I have been paying for insurance for decades and not used it for any medical expenses, then I guess my wealth has been transferred. And guess what, that was long before Obamacare was ever adopted. But then again Mr Krauthhammer is one of those guys that promotes a transfer of wealth upward via supply-side (aka trickle-down) economics. After 30 plus years it is still not trickling down, the income and wealth gaps are largest they have ever been in our county’s history, but yet he still promotes supply-side economics. He is not opposed to wealth transfer, just the direction of the transfer.

    • January 3, 2014 at 12:29 am

      Thank you Daniel, I hope it continues to work out for you and your wife. Lucky you. It’s not working out that well for many of your fellow citizens. And good luck with your businesses!

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